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Lawn Care

Turf consists of live material and therefore requires proper care.


How often should you mow a growing lawn? A lawn should be mowed when the height of the grass is nearly twice as high as when it was previously mowed.

graszoden als omlijsting Generally, this means that you have to mow once or twice a week during the growing season.

If you mow too little and let the grass grow too high, mowing becomes more difficult. Do not leave the cut grass on the lawn as the lawn underneath will have reduced light and air which can harm your lawn and valuable nutrients will be lost causing the lawn to get exhausted.

Another benefit of more frequent mowing is a nicer compacted grass, weeds and moss then get less chance!

Mow the lawn to 3 to 4 cm.


One of the biggest mistakes in lawn care is giving insufficient nutrition. Many people think they have to mow too often when they fertilize their lawn frequently. It is also sometimes thought that the power given to construction in the form of compost or fertilized garden soil is sufficient for years of beautiful lawn. However, this is not true.

We recommend that you follow the following fertilization table:
JanuaryKorrelkalk See package for dosage
February - March Marathon Repair & Preseed 7-13-9 + 2,5 MgOOnce 2 tot 2,5 kg per 100m²
April - August Marathon Spring 16-4-8 + 2 MgO + FeEvery 2 – 3 months 2 to 2,5 kg per 100m²
September - November Marathon Autumn 7-0-21 + 2 MgO + Fe One or two times 2 tot 2,5 kg per 100m²

The fertilizers mentioned above are long-acting fertilizers. They rapidly give the grass a dark green color and ensure a quiet growth without spikes so you’ll have to mow less. For more information see the page “fertilizer Prices”.


During drought it is advised to spray 1 to 2 times per week in the evening. It is better to spray for some hours a few times per week then to spray very often but short. Spraying longer allows the roots to go deeper into the soil.


It is recommended to comb out the lawn (scarification) at least once a year. Light, air and water penetrate easier and roots have more room to grow. All the old dead material is removed and the turf is cleaned completely.

Moss fight

Causes of moss in your lawn vary from acid soil, short cut, nutrient deficiency and / or accruing moisture and of trees and walls. Moss fighting is a difficult task, however with a moss killer and scarifying you’ll go a long way to remove it. Then it is important to bring your grass again as soon as possible condition by fertilizing, aerating and mowing.