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Laying sod


Laying sod can be done in all months of the year, except when it’s freezing.
As long as the turf remains coiled and outside the sun, it can be preserved for 24 hours. Keep it well moistened with a garden sprayer to prevent dehydration.

To maintain the turf for more than 24 hours, it is necessary to roll it out and keep it moist.

Preparing the ground

Before you start with creating the new lawn it is important to first loosen the surface. You can dig or mill the ground. To easily remove the old lawn you can hire our lawn cutter.

If the nutritional condition of the soil is bad, you can add a layer of compost through the top 10 cm of the loose soil.


Before you lay the sod you will have to flatten the surface. To achieve this, you can use a ground roller (which you can rent) or you can press step by step using your feet. The top of the ground should approximately be 2 cm below the edge of the pavement.

Then level the ground with a rake and achieve an almost flat result by scraping the ground with a shelf. After this strew fertilizer on the soil (Marathon Repair & Preseed 7-13-9 2.5 MgO). This will provide nourishment to the roots of your grass. The dose is about 2.5 kg per 100m². After this, slightly rake the ground.

Laying sod

Roll out the sod so that the turf strips lie against each other tightly. The turf can be cut with a sharp spade or knife. The edge of the lawn need to be filled with garden soil in order to prevent drying of the edges. Eventually, keep the laid sod moist in sunny warm weather.

After laying the sod press the surface with a roller or by knocking the surface with the rear of your shovel. This makes the roots to grow more secure.


Immediately after laying, the lawn needs to be sprayed. The first few weeks it is recommended to spray the lawn 2 to 3 times (depending on the temperature) per day because the roots of the grass have not yet grown together.


The grass can be cut for the first time after about 10 days. Make sure the blades on your mower are sharp and do not mow the lawn too short: between 3 to 4 cm. After 4 to 6 weeks the roots grow together and spraying 1 to 2 times per week is enough (preferably in the evening).

For more information about maintaining your lawn see the page Lawn Care.